As an all girls team, drive is something we do not lack of. In every aspect of our job scope, we like to exhibit the raw sense of our brand’s personality and the limitless future that we look up to. We are intrigued with

the endless possibilities and aim to fill a corner of every woman’s heart through our hard work one day.



in-house Designers

We aim to infect everyone with an unapologetic generosity of unique styles, and carry it with elegance till the very end. Our interpretation of fashion is voiced through a variety of concepts, audaciously but at ease.

in-house <strong>Designers</strong>





Private Factory

Made in-house, each piece is designed to be unique yet, enduring, subtle yet distinct.


We seek to refine the feminine allureness and individual through thought-out designs, and incorporating textiles out-sourced from around the world, to provide us with a wider space of possibilities.